Which type are you?

No two cyclists are alike. The demands and behaviors of cyclists can be very different. Thus, it is enormously challenging to implement adequate measures for all to promote cycling mobility. On the basis of a bunch of different data and a unique mixed-method approach, we could identify and describe four distinct types of cyclists in our research project. The combination of research methods from social sciences, communication studies and data science facilitated a differentiated examination of the very diverse group of cyclists (all details are included in a recent publication by Heym et al. 2020; unfortunately, this paper is available [...]

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New papers published

All partners of our project submitted original research to the German language conference AGIT 2020. After a double-blind peer review process, four papers were published today. The AGIT Journal is an OpenAccess journal and thus, all papers are freely available: Loidl, Martin; Wagner, Andreas; Kaziyeva, Dana; Zagel, Bernhard: Bicycle Observatory – Continuously Monitoring Spatial Variations of Cycling Mobility Leitinger, Sven; Wagner, Andreas; Kremser, Wolfgang: Experiences in the Implementation of a Data Management Plan for Spatial Data of Bicycle Traffic Heym, Laura; Werner, Christian; Innerebner, Günther; Kofler, Patrick: Mission Impossible: Classifying Types of Cyclists – A Design-Sociological Approach Brocza, Ulrike; Kollarits, [...]

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European Cycling Summit 2018

At the end of September, the European Cycling Summit 2018 took place under the general motto "Cycling Culture Moves" in Salzburg. All project partners were actively involved in the summit's program and contributed to a very lively, successful event. Z_GIS was not only responsible for the entire organization and the conference program, but also presented the project idea behind Bicycle Observatory. The presentation was part of a series on cycling-related research, funded by the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology: Salzburg Research participated in the same session and presented a recently finished research project, Bikealyze, in which important foundations for the current [...]

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Networking Event

The Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) invited research project consortia of the latest call on June 21st. Representatives of all research projects, funded in the 9th call of the program "Mobility of the Future” gathered in Vienna for an inspiring networking event. The goal of this workshop was to present recently kicked-off research projects and connect the relevant players. Sven Leitinger from Salzburg Research as well as Bernhard Zagel and Martin Loidl from Z_GIS presented the project Bicycle Observatory and initiated further collaborations. Here, research projects that acquire and analyze mobility data are especially relevant for our [...]

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