New papers published

All partners of our project submitted original research to the German language conference AGIT 2020. After a double-blind peer review process, four papers were published today. The AGIT Journal is an OpenAccess journal and thus, all papers are freely available: Loidl, Martin; Wagner, Andreas; Kaziyeva, Dana; Zagel, Bernhard: Bicycle Observatory – Continuously Monitoring Spatial Variations of Cycling Mobility Leitinger, Sven; Wagner, Andreas; Kremser, Wolfgang: Experiences in the Implementation of a Data Management Plan for Spatial Data of Bicycle Traffic Heym, Laura; Werner, Christian; Innerebner, Günther; Kofler, Patrick: Mission Impossible: Classifying Types of Cyclists – A Design-Sociological Approach Brocza, Ulrike; Kollarits, [...]